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How the Register works

The Foundation's Property Advice Service team manages all enquiries from charities. We will ascertain what an organisation’s property situation is and what kind of information or support they need to move forward.

Where we recommend an organisation requires professional support, we will look to identify a suitable professional from the Register.

If we think your skills and experience are a good match for the enquiry, we will get in touch to check your availability and ask if you are able to assist.

Your work with one of our charity clients will generally start with a phone call or meeting (which we might attend) to talk through the enquiry and provide some initial advice. In some cases this might be all that is needed and in other cases this might lead to a longer piece of work.

The Foundation may continue to support the charity whilst they are working with you to provide complementary advice and attend meetings where appropriate.

Clients are asked to complete a brief feedback form evaluating the service they have received from a Register member at the end of a piece of work. We will be happy to share this feedback with you.
We also undertake surveys of our professionals and ask for their feedback, to see how the service is working.

On what basis is the work done?

We ask all our members to offer at least a free half hour phone call or meeting to the charity client to provide some initial advice or guidance. There is also an expectation that Register members offer discounts on their services when working with our clients.

Some Register members provide purely pro-bono work and we are always interested to hear from people who can offer their time in this way.

How many referrals will I receive?

The level of commitment is up to you but initially, you might expect to receive between 3-6 referrals per year. This figure depends on the services you offer and the types of enquiries we receive.

Referrals to colleagues

Membership of the Register is on an individual, rather than a company basis. This allows us to build excellent working relationships with our Register members and make the best matches between members and our charity clients.

Referrals are made with the intention that the named Register member carries out the work. If the Register member wishes to pass a referral to a colleague they must inform the Foundation staff member dealing with the enquiry and provide details of the individual’s qualifications and experience. Where possible this individual should be signed up to the Register before undertaking the work. Where this is not possible the Register member must take responsibility for ensuring the work is completed to a high standard.

Annual review of Register members

The Register is reviewed by the Foundation's Trustees at the summer board meeting. Trustees are made aware of any feedback or formal complaints made against the Register members and any recommendations made by the Foundation team. Following approval by the Trustees, Register members are invited to renew their commitment to the Foundation’s Register for another year.

Complaints procedure and removal of Register members

There is a formal complaints procedure which should be followed in the case of complaints made against Register members. Should a complaint be upheld against a Register member, the Foundation’s Director may make a recommendation to the Foundation’s board of Trustees at its next meeting to remove the individual from the Register. In the intervening period the Foundation will cease to make referrals to the Register member.

Professionals interested in becoming members of the Foundation’s Register of Property Professionals should in the first instance contact Gordon Ludlow for an initial discussion