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Facts and figures

Our Latest Client Survey  1st May 2017– 31st October 2017


During this period we provided free advice to  95 voluntary organisations. We have received responses from 39 organisations, 41% of the total. There is no extrapolation from these figures: this data is from these responses only. 

  • We indirectly helped an estimated 817,407 people during this six-month period.

  • 74% of our respondents are very satisfied/ satisfied with the support they receive from our Property Advisor

  • 30% of our respondents rated as Critical or Serious the risk their property issues were to their organisation's operation and/or long term viability

  • 24% of our respondents said avoiding closure was a key benefit to their organisation as a result of the advice received from EPF

  • Before contacting EPF, fewer than 10% of respondents rated their level of knowledge and understanding  of property issues as high or very high. Following our assistance this went to over 75%

  • 57% of our respondents found our web site useful