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About our training

The Foundation delivers training on a wide range of property issues, from how to green your building through to successfully running the gauntlet of a lease negotiation. As with all of our services, these training sessions are specifically geared to the needs of charities, community and voluntary groups and social enterprises.

By following this link, you can check out our events calendar to see what courses are running in the next few months.  Alternatively, scroll down to browse the portfolio of courses we can offer.

If you are interested in any of the courses not currently running or have a specific idea for an in-house training course you’d like the Foundation to develop for you and your staff or clients, then please get in touch.  We can also provide speakers for events, run workshops or 'property clinics'; or supply information and/or friendly, knowledgeable people for stands at your events.

Our most popular training courses are:

  • Property management for non-property managers
  • Negotiating a lease
  • Saving money on your premises costs


Property management for non-property managers

This course is aimed at organisations who want to improve their confidence in managing a building, learn what their legal responsibilities are or make their building a more inclusive place by improving its accessibility.

Key outcomes of this course:
•    appreciate the benefits of good property management
•    understand your legal responsibilities as well as those of your tenants and/or landlord
•    become more confident in managing all aspects of your building whilst minimising the amount of time you spend on property management

Negotiating a lease

The purpose of this seminar is to outline the main issues groups need to be aware of when negotiating a lease or seeking legal advice on proposed terms and conditions.

Key outcomes of this seminar:
•    understand the process
•    highlight the main issues
•    overcome the jargon
•    save time, money and effort

Saving money on your premises costs

This course covers a wide range of topics to look at saving money and bringing in income from your premises in a variety of ways. We cover:

•    Finding the right premises for your organisation – and its budget
•    Negotiating the best possible deal
•    Managing and maintaining your premises to save costs
•    Letting to others
•    Saving by being green