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Using professionals

In the process of renting, buying, letting or managing a property there will be situations when you should seek advice from a qualified property professional. Professional advice comes at a cost, but it can deliver substantial savings for your charity in the long run: a qualified professional can help avoid expensive mistakes or suggest alternative approaches based on their expert experience.

You might be a charity trustee seeking professional assistance in compliance with your trustees' duties or Sections 117 and 124 of the Charities Act 2011, or a charity staff member in need of expert tips on project managing your organisation’s office move. Either way, it can be difficult to find reputable and independent property professionals who couple the specialist knowledge required to act on behalf of a charity client with an understanding of the third sector and the right interpersonal and communication skills.

This section covers:
  • Accessing professional support – including getting a referral to the Foundation’s Register of Property Professionals
  • Who's who? - learn about when and from whom you should enlist professional help, with information on who does what in the property world and how fees are charged