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Read just some of the great feedback we've had over the years.

'You really turned our thinking around for us…we so much appreciated your invaluable advice and support', Artists First, Bristol

'Thank you so much for being so reassuring yesterday (just being there was in itself helpful!)  My blood pressure is almost down to acceptable limits again…', Blackfriars Advice Centre, London

‘We would like to say a very big thank you to you for all your information, help and support. It really helped to go into the meeting well informed and using correct terminology. We will definitely be recommending Ethical Property to others’, Women and Girls Network, London

'I don’t think when we first met that I realised how involved this process would be and how the guidance of your extremely helpful website would be so important. We have scrutinised all the relevant sections with a fine tooth comb and just found the whole process from meeting you through to all the information you provide so helpful', Bridget Cambridge, Paul D'auria Cancer Support Centre