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Lastest Feedback


 “We are an infrastructure organisation, one of our beneficiary organisations had a very specific problem with a lease.  We approached EPF for support.  EPF were prompt in their response to the organisation, the information was easy to follow, and provided resolution to the problem.  The organisation has now progressed their lease issues in a positive manner.  In addition, SSNEL (us) now has an organisation to sign post to should the need arise.  We are also working in partnership with EPF to deliver an awareness session in the area in 2018 - excellent outcome for EPF, SSNEL and our local VCSE organisations - thanks.” Sector Support North East Lincolnshire, Hull


‘As a new Community Trust run by volunteers we have been greatly assisted by EPF’s property advisers giving us timely advice. For example, points to watch when taking a lease, ahead of our meetings with the landowner.', Carnegie Community Trust CIO, Lambeth


"We received clear and accurate advice on how to proceed with a complex property transaction and would certainly use these services again if the need arises", Haltwhistle Partnership, Northumberland


“A small Community Association decided to close and return the land to the local council held on a 99-year lease. To save costs we approached the Charity Commission for an Order to surrender the lease rather than pay for a surveyor's report. The Commission refused and argued that the land was 'charity' land and so could not be disposed of. Our EPF adviser recommended paying for a surveyor's report and to argue that surrendering the lease would negate the restriction on the land. This we did and the Commission allowed the charity to sign a Deed of Surrender and accepted that the land would no longer be specie land.”, Bourne Valley Community Association, Poole


“We have faced several legal complications following new landlords and renewal of contracts without having a place to turn to. But the team at the EPF are there for us and are keen to help always. However, the problem being in the charitable sector is that things move slow and it takes a while for us to collate the needed documents. Once that has been received we can proceed with the help. The EPF are always swift in their response, the wait is on our side and we hope to change that.", Bail for Immigration Detainees, London

“We received information that wasn’t very detailed. We read Antonia’s article which led us to the website and opted to utilise the PAS service. As a disability organisation, we find that the property sector doesn’t cater to our needs and this is something that we struggle with.", Disability Rights UK, London