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Charity Property Matters – Foundation research

17 April 2013

The Foundation believes that a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities for charities with regards to property is key to providing effective support to the sector.

At the end of 2012 the Foundation, with support from the Charity Commission, began an extensive piece of research looking at the key property issues charities are facing, with a view to identifying solutions and affecting change. Key findings from the research include that 40% of charities consider their building is the greatest risk facing their organisation. However, an estimated 41,000 small charities (income below £100,000) are failing to get good quality property advice due to a number of reasons including cost. One of the results of this is that 20% of charities fail to deliver services due to property constraints.

A worsening operating environment is also having a major impact with 52% of charities having experienced difficulties in obtaining core funding for premises costs in the last three years. The research uncovered that 30% of charities benefit from discounted rents, which typically come from local authorities. But with many local authorities moving towards open market rents, this is a very real threat facing charities in the near future.

To see the full briefings please click here. The research is being profiled in the April and May editions of Charity Finance magazine.

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