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What do our clients think of us?

20 June 2014

Every six months we check how our help and advice is being received. We are delighted with the responses to our most recent client survey. Getting such wonderful feedback from our clients makes all of the hard work put in by our team feel more than worth it.

-         We have indirectly helped at least 177,350 people during this 6 month period
-         72% rated our property advisers 5/5, 100% 3+/5  
-         83% of respondents advised we had improved their general knowledge and awareness
-         79% reported that we had improved their confidence in dealing with property issues
-         At least 3 organisations were saved from closure, 4 avoided loss of services
-         We have helped organisations save at least £53,500
-         We helped increased income-streams of the organisations assisted by at least £16,000

We hope you find this information as reassuring for the sector as we do. We are looking forward to helping many more organisations over the next six months!

Please help us to continue this good work…

Charity Property Matters Survey 2014  -  FOUR MINUTES TO CHANGE THE WORLD!

It’s still running on the Charity Commission website and we need you to fill it in NOW and if you know your stuff it will take you just 4 minutes. Charity Property Survey 2014

Yes we know surveys are boring and you will never get back those four minutes of your life back, but we promise you it will be the most worthwhile four minutes you’ll spend today. Why? Because if you are a trustee or earn a crust in the  not for profit sector, you will be helping us all paint in the full property picture of just what UK’s charities are dealing with as we go into an election year.

PLEASE FILL IT IN NOW!  Charity Property Survey 2014

PS Book now for  the TCPA’s ‘Planning Out Poverty’ conference (2 July) on the impact of the planning system on deprived areas. r. Concessions available.

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