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20 October 2014

This week is Good Money Week – a celebration of the power every one of us holds to ensure that those we trust with our money are using it in ways that benefit society and protect the environment.

This year for the first time, we have the chance to suggest a practical solution. We can now ask our banks, Councils and pension funds to consider the fairplace award for both their own organisations and those they work with.

Fairplace is the new comprehensive ethical workplace accreditation which benchmarks commitment to the people in their workplace the community around it as well as the environment. For the investment community – it is a quality measure which guarantees that the social responsibility a company professes – is actually happening in the workplace, embedded in the whole business. And if the companies are not eligible to apply, e.g. they do not allow union representation or pay the Living Wage – why would anyone want to buy their shares or use them as a supplier?  

We can create change by asking questions – no organisation is an island. So this week as we celebrate the power of good practice, let’s ask our employers, bank, local council, insurance companies and pension or ISA providers to consider the fairplace award – not just for themselves, but for their suppliers too – evidencing their commitment to social responsibility.

The fairplace award has been developed by UK charity, the Ethical Property Foundation – to deliver our core vision that workplaces should be managed for the greater good of people and planet. Every penny will go to our property advice service for charities and non profits.

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