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Update from Antonia Swinson, Director

04 March 2015

Dear Colleagues,
The Ethical Property Foundation continues to thrive and innovate. Our vision that buildings should be managed for the benefit of people and planet remains rock solid - both in our not for profit property advice service and in our engagement with the private and public sector in selling our ethical workplace accreditation the fairplace award. Arguably the Foundation may be described as a daily exercise in connection - for our property advice reaches every area and cause of the UK and our new and increasingly confident treadings into the commercial sector are meeting interested customers who see fairplace as a mechanism to connect to staff, suppliers, customers and communities outside their front door.

In the media there is much debate about how the economic system is too geared to servicing and insulating the One Per Cent who own or control the world’s wealth.  History is likely to prove this preoccupation  an unsustainable and expensive conceit - and it is innovative organisations like ourselves working with both the private and the non-profit sectors, which provide the creative glue sticking society together long after the world’s mood has shifted.

Finally thank you to project managers and Foundation Register Member HHPCM for so generously sponsoring our latest newsletter.

Antonia Swinson,


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