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Impact Measurement Means Real People

03 September 2015

We are in the process of updating our impact measurement systems with grateful thanks to some excellent pro bono work by the OR Society - operational research.  However even using our old systems , as a result of our work in just 6 months to May 2015 the Ethical Property Foundation can reveal that we:

  • Directly supported 110 non-profits with their property problems.
  • Indirectly helped at least 191,900 people during this six month period.
  • In total as a result of our work, clients estimated we saved them £118,150
  • increased their income by at least £159,500.

Best client testimonial so far this year:

"Being in the position of having difficult  property decisions to make and  finding the support of the  Ethical Property Foundation, felt like being visited by a St Bernard with a flask of brandy on a cold mountain."

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